Friday, May 3, 2013

cara update galaxy y ke ics terbaru 2013

gan okay, I will share tips on all of you who want a new look on your phone, tp if there are risks, I as the author is not responsible for any problems that
the following way:
1, find the zip file .. stout filenya.anda update ko yg bsa looking at xda-developers, then download dah ..
2.file for rootnya
Her 3.file gaps
then how is
td third input file to the memory card, tp do not in any folders yes,, remembir ..
battery in a state of full, or 99% dah ga let out when to update it later, because if the battery runs out first then it will be fatal.
turn off your phone, then press the home button + power + vol down is bersamaans after appearing loggo samsung then release the power button, then hold vol down home and up pops his puppet android nyo picture, then find updates from sd card after that and then we click use the zip file searching his home and ok.biarkan up loding completed, after which we rebooting.tunggu to completion, tp terlbih we must root hp * with his file dlu the same way,,,, good luc


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